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Excellent Ideas on Wedding Jewellery in the UK

In the UK, hand made wedding jewellery has become increasingly popular thorough the last several years. One reason is because wedding jewellery plays an important part in enhancing the overall appearance of the bride. When it comes time for the bride to select jewellery for the wedding, let Carrie Yeo assist you with choosing the style of jewellery that will match with the style of your wedding. Our boutique is based in London and offers brides some excellent options to make their day special.

Tips on Selecting Wedding Accessories for the Hair

Out style guide can assist you with making your selections regarding our specialties such as handmade wedding tiaras, wedding accessories, and jewellery. For instance, as you search for the right tiara, it is a good idea to wear your hair the way you will wear it at your wedding. This way you won't choose a tiara that is too small or too large for your head. Here are a few choices from our Carrie Yeo handmade wedding tiaras collection.

- - The Audrey Tiara is a breathtakingly beautiful design which features interwoven freshwater sprigs and Swarovski crystals.

- - The Audrey Crown Tiara is made in a halo design. It contains a circle of freshwater pearls accompanied with Swarovski crystals and glass heads upon exquisite silver plated branches.

- - The braided tiara has a set of five Swarovski crystal flowers and freshwater pearl vines.

Another popular hair accessory is the shimmering hair vine. This is a wonderful option for those brides who feel that tiaras are not exactly what they are looking for. The hair vines can be worn in various styles. You can wrap them around a bun or they would also look excellent woven through a braid in the back of our head. If this isn't your preference, they may also be worn in the style of a headband. Whether you hair is short or long, they are an excellent choice.

Suggestions Concerning the Selection of Wedding Jewellery

Your bridal jewellery can be selected to match the colour and style of your wedding gown. Give consideration to the embellishments that are on your gown as well as the gown's neckline. If your gown contains crystals, pearls, or rhinestones choose those stones as your bridal jewellery for both you and your bridesmaid. As a guideline remember that a simpler style gown is best worn with more decorative jewellery. A more embellished gown works best with plain jewellery. Strapless gowns look good with either style of jewellery.

Selecting the right UK wedding jewellery plays a vital role in how you look on that special day. Let us help you look your best - call us on 0203 164 3648.

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